Useful Tips to Customize Your Mouse

Useful Tips to Customize Your Mouse
by Derrick Anderson

The usage of computers has made life simpler for most of us. The key components of the computer system include the CPU, the monitor, keyboard and the mouse. Mouse is essential for navigating through the screen with relative ease than using the arrow keys in the keyboard.

People who are new to computers or in the learning stages might encounter some difficulties handling the mouse and moving the cursor across the navigation pane in the monitor. In some cases, such people even try to change or adapt their style of working to the requirements and standard working of the mouse. Most computers are ideally suited for a person using his right hand for working and the mouse is ideally placed on his or her right hand side. What will the choice be for a person using left hand predominantly for working than the right hand?

If you happen to be one such person, you will be delighted to know that you can customize the functions of the mouse to suit your working. You can easily customize the workings of the mouse to suit left hand operations. You can even change the display icon for the mouse, alter the size of the cursor navigating through the screen, and also control or adjust the speed of the mouse cursor.

The majority of the computers come pre-loaded with the Windows operating system. All you need to do is go to the control panel from the start menu of your desktop PC, click on the mouse icon, select the properties and do the required changes, such as the setting the speed of the mouse, altering the left and right button controls and also the cursor size and display icon. In this way, you can make it pleasurable to work in the desktop computer.

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