How To Defrag Your Computer

How To Defrag Your Computer
by Chuck Stone

Chances are you have been wondering how to defrag your computer, and that is how you landed on this site. We all know that a computer has a ton of moving parts that we can not see and must be cleaned on a regular basis; in fact there is so much going on in the computer hard drive that most of us do not know how elaborate it is. If we disregard taking proper care of the hard drive then we will notice a difference in the way that the computer begins to perform. You will notice that it will take a long time to bring up the programs that we need; the process speed of your computer will be affected, and it will begin moving like molasses.

What does a person do? The main thing that is going to help a computer is to perform disk defragmentation. Chances are even if you take your computer to a computer specialist one of the first things they will do is tell you to defrag your computer. We all know that we are all working on bigger and faster computers than in the past; this can easily cause a disk defragmentation to take several hours to be completed. However, if you are tired of dealing with a slow computer then you will want to learn how to defrag your computer on a regular basis to notice a difference in its performance.

One of the best things is that it is not difficult to learn how to defrag your computer, and in fact the Windows program has a built in defragment right on your computer. All you have to do is click on the start button below and go to accessories then tools and disk defragment. The whole process should improve your computer’s performance by around 10% to 30%, and you will notice an improvement.

If you are using XP then you will realize that you will only be able to defrag one volume at a time. You will also have to set it up each and every time you want to defrag as it does not have a scheduling function the only way you will be able to do it is to go to the Windows Scheduler.

If you want to learn more about how to defrag your computer, be sure to visit our site below. We have some great resources that anyone can use that will help you defrag your computer and get it running at its quickest speed again.

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