How To Speed Up My Computer

How To Speed Up My Computer? Easy!
by Peter S. Smith

Having a slow PC can be a big inconvenience today. When your computer speed is half of what it used to be and your computer performance is below average, it feels like the world has come to an end – not to mention the fact that your operating system runs in rerun and the peak performance you need isn’t attained. If the question on your mind is “how to speed up my computer” then continue reading this article, as it provides you with various tips and tricks that will boost your PC speed.

Let’s start with the beginning. Usually, when you shut down your computer an error message appears on your screen. This should not be overlooked as it provides you with information about the program or programs that don’t run properly. Since Windows Vista and Windows XP are operating system used by most users, we’ll focus on them in this article.

Now, you might think that computer optimization is difficult. It’s not! Really now, calling technical support is not needed as you can fix your slow computer by yourself at home, in no time! Even if your computer runs dramatically slow you can tweak its computer performance! So, here’s what you need to know:

If a computer using a Windows operating system runs slow, don’t blame Microsoft. It’s true that no Windows is perfect, and XP and Vista are not an exception. However, it’s easy to fix the problems. First of all, Windows has a great flaw – its registry system. Basically, when your computer is overcrowded with programs – including trials that automatically install virus spyware and junk files and unused programs – registry errors start to show up. Basically, all that programs cram up RAM memory and this leads to slow processes, which leads to a low system performance. Don’t worry, running a registry cleaner program will help you free up some RAM and you’ll get improved performance and a faster computer.

Now, another thing you should be aware of, is that an Internet connection enabled always means that your computer has some adware and spyware programs on it – these usually come with free trials. The greater number of programs you installed on your Windows OS, the slower thing will move, as Windows speed is directly proportional with the number of installed programs.

Long story short, here’s what you need to do if you want to have a faster PC: 1. Use Windows Restore and restore to a time when your computer didn’t run slow. You can do this in XP by clicking start, accessories, system tools, system restore. It’s similar in Vista. 2. Download a registry cleaner program that will get rid of the uninstalled programs that occupy registry space for nothing and also trial programs that expired and slow down our PC 3. Defragment your drives using window’s defrag tool 4. Use and antivirus and scan your PC for viruses. 5. Restart your PC and enjoy the new high performance computer that’s on your desktop!

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