Accessorise Your Computers With This IT Training Guide

Accessorise Your Computers With This IT Training Guide
by Dave Sakura

Yesterday, we spent about three hours trying to assure a client of ours that brand new computers just don’t come equipped with the all things that most computers need in a PC.

We tried to convince him that a fully functional computer is one that is custom with specially selected hardware and software accessories – and that the computer purchased at the store doesn’t come with these things.

Unfortunately, all of our convincing was to our avail. Our client insisted that he should by no means need more than what came with his boxed product and that we were just trying “bilk” more money out of him.

As computer consultants, it’s our job and assignment to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied when they walk out our offices. But our job is pointlessly made harder when people don’t take the time to be trained about computer accessories and familiarize themselves with the limitations of store-bought computers.

With any luck by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know about the lesson that we were trying to show our client: “What comes out of the box is really just a starter kit.”

As a standard thing, the basic PC package will be sold with your basic hardware such as a keyboard and mouse. That may be old enough for a 90 year old grandma but in this “connected” day and age you really need more hardware.

Today’s users call for full multimedia capabilities, a wide range of graphics gear, and accommodations for the diverse portables we now enjoy.

These extras aren’t included with “what comes out of the box,” and the single way to get them is to accessorize.

To make sure you understand the importance of chopping things up and making them different, lets for arguments sake you have got a new PC and it is a slab of plain dough.

If we want to use this dough to make a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies, we would want to “accessorize” this dough with chocolate chips and a little brown sugar.

In the vein of “plain dough,” the brand new computer isn’t very useful by itself. It requires accessorizing.

Depending on what’s desired, accessorizing doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can get away with paying a minimal amount for extra software and hardware if these accessories are for family.

Even when you don’t take cost into account, it is vital to make sure you know that accessories can become required, and that the most beneficial moment to acquire them is the very moment you purchase a new computer.

If you decide to wait too long before you make the additional purchases will 9 times out of 10 cause more trouble than its worth as PC’s are continually developing the latest in technology design, so too will the peripherals you need to make it operational.

Once you’re ready to accessorize, the new products on the marketplace are too highly developed for your computer and they just won’t work. This is a normal dilemma experienced by those who want to use hardware designed for Windows Vista on a Windows XP or Windows 2000 machine.

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