Do you Know Who’s In Your Computer?

Do you Know Who’s In Your Computer?
by Randall Stafford

Have you noticed that everyone on the Internet is an expert? It’s definitely not true. However, if you do some research most everyone on the Internet is either trying to “SCAM” you, “spam” you, steal from you, or talk you into some worthless Matrix program. Some of the rest is making claims that is well beyond fraud.

It’s absolutely pathetic to realize that the Internet is full of garbage. However, if you haven’t been stung, you will be. I hate to break it to you but you have to be on guard more now than you did 5 years ago.

Just placing your computer online, chances are great you’ll get a virus. You increase these odds tremendously by downloading something for FREE. Be extremely cautious on that word. “FREE” may be a way for a hacker to access everything you have and then steal your identity.

The main question most people have when coming online is ” Can I make money?.” The answer is “YES.” I’ve definitely found a man that makes money and he is a “JERK.”

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Before you start jumping in and losing tons of money though, you must first protect yourself. You must be aware that some people on the Internet is “Scanning” for open ports. Hackers are trying to get into your personal computer and steal all your personal information. Also, you may not be aware of it, but some of the worst things you can have on your computer is an “ADWARE” program.

Adware programs usually come in by downloading a free piece of software. This adware tracks your habits. Everything you do is like a video being taking of you and your actions. Then it is sent to the advertiser, hacker, or marketer.

You’d wonder where your privacy went. Well, you just have to learn how to deal with all this. Once you understand about “Spamming,” viruses, phishing, adware, matrixes, illegal MLM programs, thieves that steal commissions, hoaxes, chain letters, and con artists, you’ll be ready to protect yourself.

Now, I’m not going to convince you to join anything or anyone. I am simple going to suggest you get a firewall, a virus protector, an ad blocker, and a spam proof email program. I also recommend that you know exactly where you download programs from.

I don’t want “scare” you from coming online, but even if you do everything possible to protect yourself, chances are still very great you’ll get a virus, a spam email or an adware program.

Another problem with spam is when you filter out certain words, you’ll actually filter out some email that you want. Spamming by the way is sending unwanted solicitations. “Yes, Sarah, there is a law against it.” But how do you catch someone, when you don’t know how to trace them or track them?

Now, you can have the greatest spam filter on the planet and chances are, you’ll still have someone beat that filter. Have you seen words like “m oney or M*oney” in any of your emails. A filter will not pick this up because it isn’t a word. However, you’ll be able to recognize it.

I can give you a few hints that may protect you.

1.Do not click on anything in an email. You may get something from eBay or PayPal that looks secure. If they address you with the word PayPal member or eBay member, chances are it’s a fake email. Don’t click on the “url.”

2.Do not store any personal information on your computer such as credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, or bank account numbers. Have you ever been asked to send your personal information to someone to prove who you are? Some people ask you to send your drivers license, a paycheck stub, a bank statement, and possibly a voided check. How hard would it be to call your bank and get money sent out with this kind of information in the hands of a thief?

3.Do not have an offline email program. This is a program where it downloads your email directly off the server. I know it’s a pain to deal with emails that stay online, but it will increase your protection. The very least you could do is filter the email before downloading it to your offline email program.

4.Before joining any program, make sure it’s legal. It may sound great and they may tell you it’s legal, but let me assure you all chain letters are illegal. Even those that send Christian letters around. You are personally liable for your own actions. If you join, you are liable.

5.Just because it is written on the Internet, don’t assume it must be true.

6.Keep your virus protector updated. This is a cheap price to pay when it comes to someone getting into your files.

7.Recognize that 99% of all marketers may lie to you.

8.Do not accept attachments.

Now if I hit you with some words that you don’t understand, by all means educate yourself.

Once you get past all these barriers, you’ll be just one small step into making some money. The first small step is not losing it. I really honestly believe that you should go check out the jerk that makes over $1,000,000.

Now, I personally have a list of people that I trust. You will build your own list of people. However, if you need any recommendations, I can possibly give them to you. How do you know you can trust ME? Now your getting the ideal.

I will give you my home address, my phone number, and my email address which is more than what most people do.

I try to join as many programs as I can, and I download as much as I can to find these unscrupulous people. Once I do find them, I try to let others know. I usually get about 400 emails a day. I get viruses everyday too. I do this so that I can help others.

Do you know what is really pathetic? Porn email. I could write a complete book on this subject. Millions of viruses come from these!

Good luck. Remember that all the things I’ve written is my opinion only. As you probably already figured out, I fully recommend you find out how the “JERK” made his money. He will tell you exactly how to do it. I paid over 97.00 for this. It’s on sale right now if you hurry. I’d bet he becomes well talked about before the end of the year.

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Randall Stafford

PS Do you know what program is by far the best to join? Do you know who to trust? That “jerk” is one I trust because he isn’t asking for anything.


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